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Why? Because I want to give my children the opportunity to have experiences that will allow them to choose who they want to be. I want to always be in the position to do random acts of kindness. Because I want to create a facility that will allow children to explore the arts.

What is it that keeps you awake?

You hold a vision of what you’d like your life to be, a future full of life, love, family and friends. Waking up without an alarm clock on a tropical island, or a family Christmas in Breckenridge. A lifestyle supported by an avocation that you were able to transform into a money maker. Continue to hold onto your vision and ask yourself, “Why?”

What is your reason for studying, reading book after book on personal development and the language of money. And what is it that compels you to stick with your current vocation despite your deep desire to quit. What is it that keeps you awake well after your children have been put to bed for the night. All so that one day you will bring your vision into fruition. Why put up with failure after failure. Why continue to be let down by people you once held so close? And why would you risk losing a steady and safe 9 to 5 to chase after a dream?

The answer of course is in the question. You do it all because of your “Why.”

Your “Why” must be personal

Your “Why” must be as personal to you as your own identity or social security number.  And  you must protect it with the same vigilance and fervor. In addition your “Why” must be larger than yourself.

A “Why” based on having more money for the sake of having money will not motivate you to eat only once a day for weeks to help save just a bit more. Or if it’s based on wanting to be the manager in your department, solely for the title “Manager”. It will not be enough to encourage you to make it to work early, volunteer for extra responsibilities and complete online continuing education modules.

Your “Why” should move you on a visceral level, in other words deeply. Take for example the profession of an anesthesiologist. She will have completed four years of education earning her bachelor’s degree. She will then have completed an additional four years of medical school after which she will complete another four years in an anesthesiology residency.

If her “Why” was as superficial as wanting to be called “doctor” it is very unlikely that she would have completed the demanding twelve year education commitment. It’s more likely that her “Why” is rooted more deeply. Perhaps, saving the lives of others, working in a third world setting helping with a non for profit, or creating a world wide medical mission group of her own.

Stay focused on your “Why”

If you’ve downloaded the ebook “How to Attract More Money In Your Life” by Dzanella Tihic the creator of NXTFOCUS, you will note that your first week focuses on thought provoking questions to help you develop your “Why”. For example, “What exactly will you spend it on?’, “What do you want to do, see and have if you have more than enough money?”

Asking questions like these and others that force you to get to the heart of your motivation is crucial for your success. In her book Dzanella stresses the importance of remaining focused on your “Why,” . So that when times get rough, you have the energy and enthusiasm to stay positive and achieve financial success. Whatever you goal is, whatever your dream lifestyle is, whatever your definition of a successful life maybe, make your reason massive. If it causes fear in those with small minds or makes people question your sanity then you are on the right track.

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