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NXTFOCUS would like to introduce you to Vanessa Mongare. She’s not an actress, you won’t find her latest hit song on spotify and she isn’t on the cover of Forbes magazine but she was able to change her life. That’s what makes her story so special and such an honor for us to tell. You see she is a wife and mother who works in the medical field as a nurse helping to save lives. 

Recently she saved one of the most important lives of all, her own. Vanessa has battled with weight, financial difficulties, poor time management and prioritization juggling a full time job and school, being a wife and mother. Sound familiar?  

Change did not come easy as she continued to argue for her limitations and had to fight one of the hardest fights anyone wanting to make massive changes in their life will ever fight, negative self talk. To compound matters she also became a emotional eater.

The combination of bring yourself down with negative self talk coupled with finding comfort in food was further exacerbated by the fact that she began to binge eat. It’s not difficult to comprehend the dangerous cycle she found herself in.

Vanessa decided to take control of her life

She had tried in the past to take control of her life to no avail. We asked what the turning point was that made her decide to take charge of her life and control her own destiny. “I had been in the groups for a year and still was failing myself.” she admitted. “It was the moment when my son told me,” “Mom you always quit.”  “That hit me hard. I had two choices.” She said. “I could continue to quit all of my endeavors or I could show my family specifically my son that I can see things through. Then I decided to fight for my health and from that moment I have been fighting ever since to lead a healthy life.”

What is different about her efforts this time? “Definitely the support system and taking the focus off of me to help others in need and support them with the support I received in a private setting.” She said.  

Vanessa took the money she once spent on coffee and fast food and invested in herself. She is now a member of a private boot camp and along with her coach and support system is performing workouts in the privacy of her home and being educated on proper nutrition. She also had discovered her “why” and it’s much bigger than herself. Wanting to be a living example to her family.

mountain change

We have the answers to all of our problems

We asked about her core values and how physical fitness has played a role in her lifestyle improvement? she said, “I believe that God has seen me through this journey. Everyday has not been easy,” she admits “but I hang on to his promises. I also rely on my family. We are better together, and it is okay to ask for help if you are sinking.”  With respect to fitness she said, ”Physical fitness is everything to me now. I work as a nurse and I am constantly around sick people. Some are sick because of poor habits and others for different reasons. Health and being physically active can change everything. I have seen people kick their meds, have a new lease on life and truly live happy.”

We asked Vanessa who recently attended a conference associated with her boot camp what  the impact and lessons were from that experience? “That nothing is impossible, and we have to create that belief in ourselves first to really see change. We have the answers to all of our problems within we just have to listen and really take action.”

Never ever quit on yourself

With Vanessa’s forthright introspection we asked how the experience of the conference, being in an environment with so many like minded people from so many different walks of life and with what she has had to battle through, what advice she’d give to others who are struggling in their motivation to take command of their lives? She said, “Ask for help especially if you have tried and failed and can’t find the answers. Never ever quit on yourself.

Give yourself time and lots of grace. I think we live in a microwave society where we want things instantaneously and that is not the way. Anything worth having is going to take a lifelong commitment despite life’s setbacks.  


Decide and believe

 “Decide.” Vanessa added, “Decide that you are going to go after the things that are in your heart. They wouldn’t be tugging at your heart strings for no reason.” Believe. Believe that you have all the answers to figure it out along the way. I believe in you, now it’s time that you believe in you also.

Powerful words from a powerful woman. We are following Vanessa on social media and love the progress and positive energy she provides. With her beautiful infectious smile and amazing zeal for all the best that life has to give we recommend visiting Vanessa at


If you know of someone whose story will help to inspire and motivate others let us know and we may do a future article about them.

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