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The morning routine sets the tone of your day. It plays a key role in setting your day up for success. But also the rest of the week and year! If you study successful people, one thing that you’ll notice really quickly is that successful people credit their morning routines as one of the key ingredients in their high levels of achievement. A morning routine will make you feel more productive, focused and energetic. More importantly, a morning habit helps you create energy and the right “mindset” to tackle the challenges of a busy day.

Step 1: A personal morning routine

The best morning routines align with what’s most important to YOU. So not all morning routines should be created equal. Morning routines don’t suddenly become a thing you stick to every day. Morning routines are comprised of behaviors done repeatedly every day. This means that they are HABITS, and habits take some time. So If you add good habits that directly relate to your personal goals, then it’s easier to stick to them every day.  

So before you create a morning routine  you should actually ask yourself the following questions: What do you want more of in your day/life? More productivity? Better health? Happiness? Spirituality? Figure out what your goals are and then you will be able to choose the habits that are aligned with those goals.

morning routine

Step 2: Craft your morning routine

Crafting a morning routine is a personal thing. First of all, you can’t do everything.  Start small and pick a handful of habits that are meaningful to you and are aligned with your goals. The key to building habits is starting small and taking things slow. Rather than overwhelm yourself by trying to develop a bunch of habits at once, you are going to be adding in your morning behaviors one by one.

So start by picking a few of the habits you want to incorporate into your morning routine. Pick the ones that are in alignment with your goals. You can add more in later, but it’s best to start small. Maybe you can start with 2-4 habits. Here are a few examples you can pick from:



#Practice yoga

#Do some stretching

# Drink a tall glass of water as soon as you get out of bed

# Eat a healthy breakfast

#Take daily vitamins


# Write in your gratitude journal


#Say affirmations

#Read books/ listen to audiobooks

#Listen to a podcast

#Read a blog post or article

#Watch an inspiring video


#Set an intention or theme for the day


#Do an act of kindness

#Do something creative

#Watch the sunrise


#Review your financial goals and current finances

#Learn something new about money/investing

#Make a small donation


#Schedule your day

#Review your goals

#Make one business connection

#Work on a side hustle or business idea


#Show appreciation for someone you love

#Connect with others in your network

#Cuddle with someone you love or your pet

Step 3: Plan your morning routine

Now it’s time to plan your morning routine.

✔️Decide how long your total morning routine is going to take (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or even more?)

✔️Think about how long you want each specific habit to take (5 minutes, 10 minutes etc. )

✔️Decide what time you should wake up

✔️Set your alarm. (TIP: Use the app Sleepytime to see what time you should go to bed when you know what time you will wake up and vice versa. Sleepytime helps you to wake up in-between sleep cycles and allows you to start the day with a clear mind.)

Step 4: Wake up early and never hit the snooze button

Never hit the snooze button. If you hit the snooze button in the morning then you are accepting that the first thing you do that day is a fail. If you are setting an alarm for yourself, you are setting a goal for yourself. So instead of taking that extra 10 minutes of sleep jump out of your bed as fast as you can and make that first act of the day a win!

Your morning routine should help you ease into your days. It should be enjoyable, make you happier, and give you something to look forward to.





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