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Do you sometimes feel lost and helpless and have no idea how to keep moving forward? Is your world starting to fall apart because of how life tends to bombard you with seemingly impossible challenges? Do you have the urge to shut down or to give up?


Let’s face it; at some point in life everyone experiences challenges. No matter how positive you are or how good you treat people, challenges will come. These challenges can come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be about financial setbacks, health problems, relationship problems, work difficulties etc.

You can face and overcome challenges

The good news is that there are ways to deal with and overcome these obstacles and stress that comes with it. Whatever life throws at you, you must be ready to stand tall, and to be strong.

Rise up, face your challenges and take control now!

People usually want to avoid challenges, but even though it can be really hard you should face them and even embrace them! Don’t run away because eventually they will strike you back.  It’s important to understand that challenges are life lessons and are necessary for your growth. Obstacles can help you discover who you truly are and can help you reach your full potential.

Steps to overcome challenges

Step 1: Change your mindset

The first step to overcome a challenge is to change your mindset.  Recognize that good things can come from setbacks. Make a choice to use this challenge to become the best version of you. Become stronger and better! See this situation as an opportunity for growth. Remember even when you can’t change the circumstances; you get to choose how you respond to it. It’s your choice. There are always steps you can take to improve your life. Devote your efforts into doing what you can to move forward.

If you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges.

Pat Riley

Step 2: Analyze the challenges

Before you can overcome a challenge you must first identify it. Knowing what you are really up against can help you figure out which move to make. So ask yourself; “What is exactly the problem?” “What lessons and opportunities will this challenge bring me?” “What is good about this situation?”

Understanding the challenge will help you focus on the solution. For me it helps to write my thoughts down in a journal. This allows me to get out of my head and think clearly.

It’s also important to step back from the chaos and drama. Try to see the challenge from a greater perspective.

Step 3: Find solutions

Now that you have identified the challenge, it’s time to think of as many solutions as possible. Find the solutions to overcome the challenge. But don’t forget about the lessons you can learn from these challenges. It’s great to be able to overcome the challenges in life but it’s even greater when you also get to learn the lessons.

Ask yourself; “What action steps can I take to help me get past this challenge and come out stronger on the other end?” “How can I make this work?”

When finding solutions consider changing your story. Sometimes we overthink a lot and positive thinking can literally resolve the problem immediately.

Step 4: Action, action and action

Final step is to take action. Take the steps necessary to overcome the challenges. Don’t hesitate to celebrate your small victories even if you’re facing a much larger challenge. It’s in the action that we grow confident about ourselves and our abilities. It’s in the action that we find out what mistakes are experientially and how much stronger we are by learning from them as we go.

“The path to success is to take massive, determined actions.”

Tony Robbins

DO’s when facing challenges:

◊ Ask for help

◊ Accept reality as it is

◊ Accept that you cannot control everything

◊ Embrace silence

◊ Breathe

◊ Exercise

◊ Stand tall

◊ Write a journal

◊ Eat healthy

◊ Get out in nature

◊ Focus on the positive

DONT’s when facing challenges:

◊ Ever play the victim

◊ Drown in self pity

◊ Be hard on yourself

◊ Stop trying

◊ Make decisions when you are angry or frustrated

◊ Focus on the negative

◊ Quit

How are you dealing with challenges in your life? Share your thoughts.




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