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Every New Year millions of people make huge plans, goals and New Year’s resolutions to stop doing something or to start doing something new. Unfortunately the statistics show that only around 8 percent of people who set New Year’s resolutions actually follow through. How can New Year’s resolutions be seriously harmful and what are some practical tips that will help you succeed? That’s what we dive into in this article.

Reasons for failing to follow through on New Year’s resolutions

Reasons for failing to keep or follow through on New Year’s resolutions are many. We find ourselves disappointed in the way we look in the mirror and say something to the effect of, “That’s it! Starting next year I am going to eat healthy and start working out.”

A fine goal no doubt however inactive days turn into weeks that will then turn into a month before the big start day of January 1. In that time the enthusiasm you once had which was born on by your emotions has faded. The life in which you’ve become accustomed to will do what it always does. It will bring you back to the comfortable and safe life you are familiar with. Why shouldn’t it, you know what to expect from that life and besides you can always start something new tomorrow. Procrastination has killed many dreams.

Another problem is the reliance on our “willpower.” What’s wrong with that you ask? Well if we haven’t put our willpower to the test throughout the year and thereby strengthening it we’ve set ourselves up for failure. For example, let’s say that at some point during this year you said, “I’m going to wake up an hour earlier to get more done in my day.”

Most of us would have snoozed right through that idea the very next morning. We never even gage it a fighting chance. My point is, if we haven’t put our willpower to the test throughout the year for even small challenges why would we expect it to have the willpower for the big ones?

Then there is the problem of setting expectations that are just too high or unrealistic. “I’m going to stop smoking cold turkey.” “I’m going to become a vegan.” Or, “I’m going to stick to my budget.” The danger inherent in such a scenario is one of self loathing, self harm and feeds into a dangerous addiction.

New Year’s resolutions can be seriously harmful

Addiction to depression is a serious problem for many and for most it’s not even recognized. When you hear or read about addiction, in most cases people think of drugs and alcohol. However we can also be addicted to activities and behaviors.

If for example I was a persons who set goals for myself and continued to fail time and time again I could easily fall into depression. Over time with this cycle of failures and the associated depression I could come to regard the feeling as my norm. We begin to say things like, “Oh I never win anything.” “My plans never work out.” Or “I’m such a loser.”

A 2014 article entitled Is Depression Addictive?  stated, “When you live with depression for years, you can become dependent on the familiarity of the mood. The negative patterns of thought associated with depression can become like an unhealthy coping mechanism, much like drugs and alcohol are for addicts. The negative thoughts and moods associated with bouts of depression may start to feel like a false sense of security.”

Practical tips that will help you succeed

We don’t want to only focus only on the negative aspects of setting  New Year’s resolutions however. Let’s face it, there is something special about the new year. It is like a being given clean slate. A new beginning. Lets focus on how you can be successful.

There is a catch however. We are suggesting that you start now! That’s right, now. Why wait for a day in the future that isn’t even promised to you. Also if you take the time now to put into practice the tips we will discuss in this article then by the time the New Year arrives you will be ahead of the game and have a greater chance of being successful. The absolute best time for you to start is right now. This article is your first step. Today right now wherever you are reading this is Day one.

Organise your goals

First create a list of all the things you want to accomplish and from that list pick the one goal that will make the most impact in your life. Once you have your goal you will need to dissect it into smaller more manageable goals. From there all that is needed is to organize this new list in order of importance and then get started. One small goal at a time.

Research, research and research some more

Become well versed in the subject of your goal. Who are successful and knowledgeable people you can learn from? What books or articles have they written? Are there Podcast available that will help educate and motivate you?

Is there a network you could participate in that will help you remain motivated and dedicated towards your goal? Finding the answers to these questions and remaining proactive in educating yourself will do more than just provide you with knowledge. You will have developed a network of like minded people you can call on for help and support.

Create your daily success ritual

Rituals are empowering and motivating. They also will help you remain focused and goal oriented. Your ritual should begin as soon as you awake each morning. Starting your day out on a positive note will help set the tone for your day. Something that you may want to incorporate in your ritual are, time for self reflection, reading, positive self talk/affirmations, meditation, daily goal review, physical exercise and a good breakfast.

Journaling for success

Journaling can be extremely helpful as hindsight isn’t really 20/20. You will forget ideas,  details on events, or even conversations over time. Taking time to write down these and other important items will help your to recall past events. In addition you will be able to document your progress. This in turn will help increase your confidence.

Stay in touch with your tribe

Your tribe should consist of an accountability partner, a mentor, and like minded people working toward the same or similar goal. Keeping in regular contact with them will help grow strong bonds now and into the future. There truly are strength in numbers.

Provided that those you count have your best interest at heart. It’s vital that you for your part resiprocate. You and your tribe share a symbiotic relationship. When one of you is successful you all are successful.

Protect your 24

Your days are numbered. We don’t have time to waste and there are countless distractions in life that will fight for your attention. Protect your 24 hours and treat them with with the utmost regard. Learn to recognize when and to whom you should say, “Yes.” or more importantly, “No.”

Seek help

This isn’t a solo journey and we want to help. NXTFOCUS is dedicated and committed to helping you be successful in living your best life. How committed are we? NXTFOCUS has created a program that will help you step by step in reaching the goals you’ve set and in designing the life you want.

Don’t allow one more day to pass without taking action toward that end. Your happiness, success and freedom should not be put of until a future date. Make your resolution now, today and design your best life ever.



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