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How do we become part of a culture, movement, tribe or a family? We socialize. That is to say we communicate and exchange ideas, thoughts, stories and experiences. We laugh and we cry together. We are being social. Without socialization we’d accomplish nothing.

This same idea holds true with social media. Many times social media is cast into a negative light. However social media in its various forms is a positive and powerful tool. Like any tool in the wrong hands it can be manipulated maliciously with disastrous outcomes. Much like a hammer in the wrong hands can be used to take a life. However, in the right hands it can be used to build and create.

Accessibility is the powerful force in social media

There are many examples of people who are using social media as a building and creative tool. It’s their aim to help support and build others up. Evan Carmichael is one such person. His “Believe” movement is prevalent across the social media spectrum. There’s a list of accolades we could attribute to Evan as he has accomplished an extreme amount in and out of social media.

Evan embodies what it means to be social. His vast list of accolades is largely focused on others and not himself. He is extremely accessible to his fans and followers, answering countless questions daily. You will find Evan via live chats on instagram where you are able to share your questions and insights with him and others. “Share,” being the operative word as there is truly a back and forth exchange of thoughts, ideas and input. On YouTube Evan highlights the top 10 rules from different leaders, entrepreneurs and other successful people. Helping his followers learn what others have done towards their success.

It’s this accessibility that is such a powerful force in the social media space. Today we are able to socialize with people like Evan who are extremely successful in their genre or niche. Never before in history has there been such an avenue of open communication, support and socialization as what we have today. What’s best about this social environment is that many of these successful people are available to you and I all by choice. They actually have your best interest in mind and want to help you succeed. You can find them all over the globe.


Social media makes it possible to connect with like minded people

Take for example, Vivien Conway and Tasha Meys. You may be more familiar with this dynamic duo as Viv and Tash. They are the masterminds behind the podcast ACE THE GRAM. These two New Zealanders, (aka. Kiwis) created their podcast to help anyone interested to, “build a dedicated and loyal tribe of followers” in the Instagram space. Viv and Tash have proven themselves to be true linchpins in the social media world.

First, they’re providing timely and pertinent content regularly. Second, they freely avail themselves to their followers through social media. They encourage feedback and questions and personally will respond to them. Third, they also featured quest who add to the social environment and exchange of ideas, philosophy and personal experience.

That’s the beauty of social media. The vast meaningful relationships that can be developed under an umbrella of support, encouragement, and promoting of one another. We are able to connect with like minded people and exchange ideas that are truly innovative. If you have an idea and need assistance there is someone out there in the social media space. They’re not only able but also very willing to help you.

Key is being social

The key to your success within the amazingly small world of social media is of course in its name. “Social.” You must be social. You must be present and participate. Provide meaningful content, make well thought out comments and be interactive with others.

It’s often been said that, “The amount of followers you have isn’t that important. What counts is the quality of your content.” Let’s be honest. The amount of followers you have is very important. So too of course is the quality of your content. Pay attention to both as each are extremely important to your social media success.

People will be attracted to you, your message, brand, business, cause or movement based on your content. If your followers aren’t increasing then perhaps you need to do a better job on your content or your socializing. Search for and follow leaders associated with your interest and ask them questions.

You can always contact Evan or Tash and Viv. Reach out and become more social.



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