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In a recent article we introduced you to the idea of “kidpreneurs,” young people who are successful and making a huge difference and impacting our communities and our world as leaders, innovators and CEO’s of their own company’s. We were given the amazing privilege to interview CEO and Founder of Strategy and Execution Inc.,Tom Morse, the father of “Kidpreneur” Alina Morse, founder and creator of Zollipops®.

We received an amazing amount of positive feedback and thought it would be a great idea to follow up on this topic by speaking with a successful person who began their journey at a young age.

Two time published author, international motivational speaker, leadership instructor, business entrepreneur and 19 year old world changer, Leland Jones graciously spent some time with us answering questions ranging from,” How to understand the danger of regression?”, “What do you consider to be the top five rules for success? to “What role physical fitness plays with respect to success?”

Great lessons from 19 year old world changer Leland Jones

At age 17 Leland founded his first successful company. In his first book, “A Journey With Purpose: A Guide to Starting and Succeeding as an Entrepreneur” he discusses in depth the events that influenced his own journey toward entrepreneurship and the many lessons he learned from his own trials and difficulties. He is very candid in his book pointing out his own flaws in thinking, fears, and failures and how you can prevent or overcome these as you taverse your own journey with purpose. We asked Leland,

Q. In your book, “A Journey With Purpose” you discuss your personal failures. What key points in facing our failures do you think are paramount?

A. The biggest key to overcoming failure in my opinion would be not giving up. Yes you are not perfect, well guess what, nobody is! The difference between the average and the great, is that the greats never gave up. Both groups faced failure, but the ones that succeeded were the ones that didn’t make quitting an option.

The idea that giving up or  “quitting” isn’t an option was a point that really resonated with NXTFOCUS. We’ve all heard the maxim, “Failure is not an option.” The truth is, failure is always an option and should be expected and planned for. You may not always be in control of the outcome of a goal or task however you are always in control of when or if you wave the white flag.

Leland is known for working hard to inspire and motivate through his lifestyle, public speaking, mentorship and authorship. He recognized his propensity to help others at a time when most kids are busy playing video games and just hanging out. He however had a dream and was able to make his dream a reality.

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Q. What was it that made you go from dream to taking action?

A. I saw a lot of people that I was surrounded by that seemed that they just wanted to get through life as if it was some obstacle they had to get through. I call it the Monday Mindset, where they go through the week all sad because of work, just to live it up on the weekend. It was a perpetual cycle of trading five days for two. I saw more to life. I found it in the form of a God given Purpose, and it is now my life goal, helping others achieve happiness and freedom through their individual purpose.

Q. What are the things you’ve noticed people are doing in their everyday life that hold them back from attaining their goals?

A. Waiting. People have given me every excuse on the planet as to why their not succeeding, but it all boils down to one thing in my opinion. That is, taking action. The stars will NEVER align perfectly to start, so why not just start now and learn as you grow. Stop waiting for the magic plan to come into place.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Good things come to those who wait.”? There’s a second part to that you may not have heard of, “Not to those who wait too late.” Waiting for everything in your life to be just right is an exercise in futility. The absolute best time to take steps along your journey is right now, we aren’t promised a tomorrow.

In the beginning when we set out to reach a goal or achieve a certain level of success it is exciting and exhilarating. Overtime however for one reason or another we can find ourselves suffering from regression.

Q. How do you help people understand the danger of regression?

A. So to me regression is just another type of failure. It’s the act of not getting to your end goal. I would handle and mentor someone to treat it as any failure. That is, I would ask them to remember why they started reaching for a higher stature in life, and if they fail to achieve it, I would not consider them a failure until they give up on trying to get better than where they are currently at. Regression is apart of the process, failure is giving up. Regression is normal, failure is an option.

One reason people fall into regression is exhaustion. That feeling that you’ve given it your all and you just have nothing left to give. It’s a dangerous position to find yourself in because it’s at these moments you may be three feet from gold.

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Q. What advice do you give someone who feels they’ve done everything they can yet still are not living the life they’ve created on their vision board?

A. Two things. First, reassess if it was meant to be. Revisit your purpose and make sure that your end destination is where you are meant to be. That way you avoid squishing a square peg in a round hole. Second, don’t give up until you’ve seen it through. If it is moral, just, something you love to do, and a talent that you have which has the ability to impact others, then consider it your moral obligation to complete it. Don’t be selfish by keeping your purpose to yourself.

Leland’s point of revisiting your purpose is so important because it brings you right to the heart of the matter, your “Why?”. For many finding out what their purpose is can be a challenge in itself.

Q. How can people know what their “Why?” really is?

A. A person’s “why” is simply their motivation behind what they do.  Your why is the reason as to why you do something. So for me, it was all about the impact. Seeing people’s lives transformed by my work and content that I put out. That’s what wakes me up, and is my why when I am unmotivated!

Q. Is it really necessary to “write out” our dreams, goals and aspirations?

A. It has been researched in numerous studies that you are over 80% more likely to achieve the things you write out. Though it may not be required for success, I am yet to meet a highly successful person that did not write out their goals, visions, and dreams. I personally have adopted the habit of writing out my goals daily, and repeating my vision twice a day out loud.

There are many aspects that we should focus on in the formula for success. Many formulas for success ignore physical fitness.

Q. What would you say is physical fitness’ role in a formula for success?

A. The truth is, the way you do anything is the way you do everything. If you want to be a world class human being, then you need to ALWAYS be improving in your health, wealth, spiritual life, and in your relationships. If you are ever struggling to take care of your health, go talk to someone that lost theirs. That will give you a perspective that will make you stop taking it for granted. Without your health, you would trade anything to get just a little bit of it back. Strong words to live by:

“The way you do anything is the way you do everything.” 

Q. What is the difference in a mentor and an accountability partner?

A. An accountability partner is the person that you compete with. This is the person that you care about and allow the ability to call you out when you’re under performing. They know you well enough to believe in your dreams with you, and will put the flame behind you out of love and the fact that they can see the need for you to complete your goals even if you can’t see them happening. A mentor has some similar qualities, however their main job is to to guide you through to the next level. They are the person that walks you through the waters that they have chartered, and you go to them to help you get through those waters.

Q. As a mentor yourself what do you consider to be the top five rules for success?


  1. Faith + Focus
  2. Integrity
  3. Desire for success
  4. Pure hard work + tenacity
  5. Constant personal development


Q. What can we expect from Leland Jones in the future?

A. My future consists long term of publishing daily YouTube videos on my page up to 100 videos.

The beginning of “The Purpose Journey” movement.

My second book in my series to be published “A Journey with Purpose: A Guide to Overcoming and Conquering Failure.”

More motivational speaking and brand recognition.

Ultimately more impact and global outreach!


“Impact.” Isn’t that ultimately why we do what we do? The journey any of us take toward the life we want comes down to providing a positive impact in our own lives and in the lives of those we come in contact with. The idea of being successful and creating wealth to help ourselves and in turn extend that wealth to others through philanthropic ventures is a powerful motivator.  

When it comes to the pursuit of financial independence or your own definition of wealth and success, remember to think like the rich and successful. Be faithful and focused with the highest integrity. Desire success and set about working hard with tenacity to accomplish your goals and be successful and never stop developing yourself for massive global impact.


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