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What I learned watching and listening to my parents over the years has been paramount in my growth into adulthood. They never, ever quit anything worth fighting for. Our country, their marriage and their family. My parents gave their children the power to succeed by being an example.

He trained to attack from the skies, from the waters and on the ground. And he deployed all over the world most times not knowing if or when he’d be home. He fought for the lives of others, the majority of whom he’d never know or meet.

She supported and stood with him everyday of their lives. They fought for and at times against one another. There were amazingly difficult times in their lives that tested their resolve and fortitude. Then there were days that reminded them why they fought and why they couldn’t give up.

Had these two given up, if they would have quit fighting so hard to do and become the best version of themselves, chances are the words you are reading might never have been typed. They believed that their children’s present and future was worth their success. They are an example.

Children need to witness your example first hand

I tell you all of this because we all have difficulties, setbacks, even full on failures. The thing is, you just can’t quit. Others are counting on you. You have to be an example. They may be people who you will never meet or people who outwardly are negative and hostile toward you, yet inside they want and in many cases need to see you succeed. Then there are the people who listen to and watch every move you make. Your own children.

More than anyone else in our lives, our children need to witness our resolve to succeed. They need to witness our examples first hand. If you decided to quit when times get tough or procrastinate your way right out of your goals or dreams, your children will witness that. In turn they will begin to develop that same modus operandi. When it’s their turn to set a goal and work toward achieving it, they may not be successful. Chances are that they will default to their conditioning and give up when the challenge seems to difficult.

Parent as example for your children

World full of opportunities

A beautiful aspect of the world our children live in today is that it affords them every opportunity to succeed. They can become who and whatever they want to be in a way never before available. They can create or design an original idea or improve upon and existing product. There are children right now who are CEO’s of their own successful businesses. There’s even a term for these successful kids, “Kidpreneurs.” Mikaila Ulmer, Erik Finman and Alina Morse are just three examples of kids who have become successful business owners.

Great lessons from the father of “Kidpreneur” Alina Morse

CEO and Founder of Strategy and Execution Inc.,Tom Morse is the father of “Kidpreneur” Alina Morse, founder and creator of Zollipops®.  Mr. Morse took time out of his schedule to answer our questions as to what he did to inspire and cultivate the type of massive success Alina has experienced with Zollipops®:

Q. What would you say is the most important aspect of raising a young entrepreneur?

A. Listening to their questions and helping them find answers.  As a consultant I have worked with many CEO’s and the great ones ask tons of questions.  Kids ask a ton of questions to, helping support their curiosity can lead to discovery and amazing things.

Q. What examples in your own life have been instrumental in shaping Alina’s desire for success?

A. My parents always told me that I could do anything.  And every night I put my girls to bed, I told them that “they could do anything, if they worked hard, believed and never gave up.”  Reading together has also been important.

Q. What were some of the challenges you had to overcome or adapt to that helped in teaching Alina the values that have encouraged her success?

A. As we get older, we gain experience.  Sometimes that same experience that may help us avoid a mistake may also stop us from trying something.  Alina doesn’t have any baggage and just sees opportunity. She asks good questions, about growth opportunities, new products and is current with media and technology.  We take her questions seriously and help find answers, this has given her more confidence to dream bigger.

Q. What was it that convinced you to act on this idea with Alina?

A. Alina had several business ideas.  She decided this was the one that could help the most people, and that she liked.  Afterall, what kids doesn’t love candy.

Q. What worked for you when dealing with disagreements?

A. We have a saying, “never lose your cool!”  We openly debate lots of things. It is really about maintaining good communication.

Q. What did you do in educating Alina on financial matters?

A. We read Rich Dad, Poor Dad when she was approximately 5-6 years old.  She applies the principles learned everyday.

Q. What are your family values?

A. I would say that our family values are similar to a couple of books we have read together.
“The Giving Tree,” teaches unconditional Love.
“Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” teaches respect and caring.

Q. What advice from your own experiences as the parent of a young entrepreneur or “kidpreneur” would you offer to parents today?

A. Listen to their ideas and questions, and help them to find answers
Teach them how to take risk. Remember we learn more from failing then succeeding and you will not always be there to catch them, so the sooner they learn how to get back up, the stronger they will become.

Father as example

Your children need to see you never quitting

As parents we all want the best for our children. The best for them now and the best for their future. If you agree with this statement, then give them the power to succeed now and into their future. Be their example.

Mr. Morse mentioned reading to his children, listening to their ideas and communicating with them. He also applied what he learned and remembered from his parents during his own childhood. Mr. Morse’s success is also a strong example to his daughter’s of what applying yourself can accomplish.

Never quit

Your children need to see you never quitting. The danger in quitting? Can be explained oddly enough by showing you how powerful successeding is. When you successfully face a big challenge, the outcome is high self esteem and increased self confidence. The next time you face the same or a lesser challenge it will be easier for you.

Then, when you are faced with an even bigger challenge you’ll have more mental and emotional muscle to call upon to help you successful face this new challenge. You’re successful yet again and the cycle continues.

With every cycle, you’ll grow stronger in self esteem and self confidence. What do you suppose happens to your self esteem and self confidence when you give up in the face of challenging times?  What example will you be setting for your children and how do you think it will affect their self esteem and self confidence?

Example for your children

Give your children the right foundation

The future for our children is going to be one of constant continuing education via online courses. The effects of online education is being felt in universities and institutions of learning all over the world. With the speed of change in our modern age what took a year to learn in the traditional classroom can be outdated, updated or obsolete before the ink is dry on a certificate of completion.

Our children need to have a foundation rooted in the need to always be open and ready for change and to be flexible in assimilating to that change. That foundation needs to come from watching mom and dad doing that very thing. Let them see you reading professional literature, taking courses to develop your skill set and prioritizing your life for success. Be an example for them.

Let your children see you and hear you networking and developing positive relationships

Another area of concern to be addressed is that of relationships and networking. Our conversations about our employment, fellow employees or our boss need to be tempered. The reality is that many people today are not happy with their current employment situation for as many reasons as there are people.

You may even be justified in your convictions however complaining  ad nauseum in earshot of our children or worse yet with them, will only help to enforce that same behavior in them. Soon they will be complaining about school, classmates and/or their teachers. Instead let them see you and hear you networking and developing positive relationships.

example for your children

Let your child see that you are loyal

Terms like mentor, sponsor, mastermind and accountability partner should be common in discussions with and around your children. It’s also important that the people you socialize and associate with are people who share similar values and whose lifestyle supports your high standards. Let your child see that you are loyal and that you take your friendships and associations seriously.

Have fun

The finial point I will address is, fun. Have fun, smile and laugh often. Take time to play games with your young future leader. Find out what they are interested in and learn more about it so that you can interact with them on a common interest. Help them to create and develop their wild and limitless imaginations.

Create a safe space for them that is colorful and bright. A place where they can escape to for some alone time. Listen to your children’s stories and ask questions. Let them help you around the house and praise them for their work. Ask them for their input from time to time on issues in which you are working through. Hug them, kiss them and tell them you love them more that anything else in the world.

Care enough

You don’t have to be a sniper in the United States Army or the spouse of one. And you don’t have to be the CEO of your own business, or even a parent to be a positive influence on a young person. But you do however have to care. You have to care enough about yourself and about the rest of humanity to be a positive role model and influencer giving the young people who you encounter in your life a chance to make it. Your children are worth your success. Be an example for your children.

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